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About Mad Pack

Everyone their own Mad Pack
Mad Pack is the design- and marketing department of your company. Simply a unique combination of a designer and an online marketeer that is assigned to your company. We work this way to help starter firms, new brands and existing organisations to grow with effective, smart online marketing and design solutions.
We have a great eye for detail and like to go the extra mile. We are available 24/7 and can act very quickly. We can guarantee quality with measurable objectives and an agile work method.
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Loyal, dedicated, tireless and an agile collaboration.
marketing bureau amsterdam Mima is the longest existing team within Mad Pack. Michiel and Martin have been freelancers for a long time and finally decided to join forces under a new name: Mad Pack.

The name is not a random one. Mad stands for "marketing and design" and Pack stands for a team that works together to reach a goal like a pack of wolves.
Michiel Agterberg
Specialism; to bring together different online channels, extract leads in the best way and optimise it all based on the data.

My work involves data analysing and sitting down with clients to see how we can achieve their goals smarter and simpeler. I am also AdWords and Analytics certified so I know all the ins and outs of SEO.

I love; travelling, reading, doing sports and grilled cheese sandwiches.
Martin de Gooijer
Specialism; to translate a thought or an idea into a visual presentation, both for digital media and print.

I am involved in everything that has to do with design at Mad Pack. Because of the variety of clients my work is extremely versatile and I design many different expressions such as logos or designing complete online web solutions.

I love; soccer, films and drawing during business meetings.
online marketing specialisten Not a team but specialists. Certain parts of online marketing require a lot of know-how on specific matters. Our specialists have this knowledge and expertise.
Manouk Keurntjes
Specialism; Increasing findability of websites by means of analysing data both content and technical. Based on that data an ultimate SEO plan is delivers.

I work mainly on keyword analysing, writing technical optimisation reports, writing and rewriting web text for SEO and giving SEO workshops to clients.

I love; travelling, cooking (mostly eating it), doing sports and reading.
Kevin Rombouts
Specialism; designing, development and implementation of different e-mail marketing efforts. Among them are commercial emails, transactional emails and complete e-mail campaigns.

On a daily basis I concern myself with creating creative concepts for new e-mail marketing campaigns, the implementation of interactive elements in mailings, optimisation for mobile phones and sending out weekly/monthly newsletters.

I love; games, gadgets, beer and 'gezelligheid'.
Roy Kuipers
Specialism; the management of online media channels like AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn.

During the day I keep myself busy with the maintenance of online marketing channels. I optimise the online marketing campaigns and make sure the clients get the right information presented in an easy way. Next to that I am responsible for the marketing of the Mad Pack brand.

I love; watching series and documentaries, sport and having fun.
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