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Agile Marketing Method

Our method of working is totally different from other freelancers and companies. Our approach is the Agile Marketing and Design principal. This works for companies of all sizes, especially for smaller companies since the agile method stands for working rapidly and flexibly. No long term plans and processes or large investments.

The aim is to conduct business better and smarter through little steps. This also means that you can adapt more easily to the needs of your clients and the market. We combine design and marketing as much as possible in this process.

Agile sprints

The agile method consists of sprints, small projects that last a month. These projects have measurable results which form the basis for the new sprint. The effectiveness of your online marketing and design will improve immensely and the financial risks will decrease because you can adjust your campaign and budget with every sprint.
agile marketing

Agile Services

Almost all the services we provide can be based on the agile method.

Monthly support for marketing and design

In our vision close collaboration with our clients is key. We believe that it works best on a fixed monthly basis. We would love to become the external marketing and design department of your company this way you can use all of our services without having to deal with separate quotations and contracts.

With this form of support one service will take centre stage but we will look at all the elements of the design and marketing of your brand. If there is a need to focus on a specific element we can do so swiftly and easily.

What to expect from us;

1 monthly report with the results of the design and marketing activities
1 monthly meeting via Google Hangouts, Skype, by telephone or on location
A fixed number of working hours per month for marketing and design
We are reachable 24/7 for questions and short consultancy calls
One day per month present at your office if desired
A great partnership intend to make your company grow

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