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Abbey Road Institute

Abbey Road Institute Ammsterdam
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Abbey Road Studios in London started a new initiative, they wanted to put their 80 years of studio knowledge into a one year study programme. This became the Abbey Road Institute. They are located in France, Germany, Australia and now also in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We were approached from the get-go to set up the design and marketing with the purpose of recruiting student for the programme.

The question

In the first meeting they showed the desire to start the school year in September 2016 with a minimum of 10 students. Based on the existing conversion numbers of the other branches and on experience we calculated our average cost per lead and the number of micro conversions we had to achieve per week to end up with a full classroom before the start of the school year.

The solution

The basis of the solution was the optimisation of the sales stages until a micro conversion, a request for an information packages, then was achieved.We then can use the email addresses to approach potentials and convert them into students. To obtain the correct number of conversions per week we advertise online through Facebook, Google AdWords (visible in search engine), YouTube, LinkedIn and we use Banner Ads. While advertising we are constantly testing multiple variations and optimising the flow of the ads. As a result we discover and share new and relevant information with potentials students.
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While advertising we are constantly testing multiple variations and optimising the flow of the ads.

Because of the continuous testing and optimisation of the flow we managed to get a conversion rate of 7%.
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Facts and figures

The cost per lead was 20% lower than expected and the number of micro conversions was with 7% well above expectations as well. 10 students started their education in September 2016
20% lower
cost per lead
conversion rate


The continuous marketing activities made sure the institute enjoys great visibility online and the campaign makes sure students register.
I can honestly say that Mad Pack does great work. Superb design work, very applicable SEO optimisations, market segmentation analysis and they managed to cut the cost per lead by half.
- Robin Reumers, Director at Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam
For Abbey Road Institute Amsterdam we used the following services: