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Creative Holland

Creative Holland
creative holland
Creative Holland is an initiative of the Dutch creative industries made possible by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and realised by the Federation of Dutch Creative Industries in cooperation with its partners.

The question

We were asked by Gerbrand Bas to launch a campaign. Initially we started with eight goals. Seven of those goals can be summarized as "more quality traffic to get to the website," and the last one was to achieve more newsletter signups.
Initially we started with eight goals.

The solution

To set up the campaign, we first looked at the audience. These were company owners and freelancers that are interested to go abroad with their firm. The website is divided into eight sectors, we used those 8 sectors for the campaign. So we made eight separate campaigns that would appeal to the sectors.
facebook mad pack
After a month of advertising we choose to focus solely on the newsletter sign-ups. Due to this switch we put the campaign on hold for a little bit so we could make changes to the website. After that we began anew with advertising.
After a month of advertising we choose to focus solely on the newsletter sign-ups.
Below we see the moment (the orange line) that we changed the campaign to promote only newsletter signups. The light blue line shows the number of newsletter signups. The dark blue line indicates the number of website sessions. A clear example of optimisation during the campaign period.Based on the briefing we checked out the best channels to approach the target audience. The targeting options that are offered by Facebook, Instagram and YouTube did the trick. We immediately made an overview of the expected results and started working on setting up the campaign visuals.

Facts and figures

The conversion rate of the campaign was: 16.69%
After the optimisation for the newsletter registration, we achieved an increase of 904% with the campaign traffic
campaign conversion
increase in signups


The campaign was succesful. Below the feedback from our client:
"Mad Pack helped us in no time at all to engage our target group on social media"
- Gerbrand Bas, Member of the Board (Coƶperatie Dutch Creative Industries U.A.)
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