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Day of the Short Movie

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The European Day of the Short Film is celebrated on December 21st, the shortest day of the year. 31 Dutch movie theaters take part and cinemas in many other European countries. On this day, there are plenty of short film to see. The short film is exciting, versatile and has something to offer for everyone. It is the place where young talent presents itself for the first time. The European Day of Short Films is supported by EYE Filmmuseum, International Film Festival Rotterdam and Go Short.

The question

We have been asked by Maureen Mens of EYE to launch a campaign to increase awareness among the target audience and generate quality traffic to The European Day of the Short Film website. The website was new and had to be activated through a strong campaign. The campaign had to be launched very soon due to the fact that the shortest day of the year was fast approaching.
The target group is defined as people who love short films, call themselves cinephile and parents with young children.

The solution

Based on the briefing we checked out the best channels to approach the target audience. The targeting options that are offered by Facebook, Instagram and YouTube did the trick. We immediately made an overview of the expected results and started working on setting up the campaign visuals.
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There was only one promo video available as a starting point for the campaign imagery. So we used the promo video as a starting point for working out all the Facebook and Instagram ads. This ensured a consistent view among the various advertising platforms. On YouTube, we did promote the promo video as well.

After a brief period of 14 days with heavy advertising we can say that the campaign was a great success.

The campaign was monitored by us every day during the two weeks the campaign ran. We did adjustments and optimisation. By continuously optimising we managed to increase the number of visit to the website 15 times.

Facts and figures

A 15x increase in the number of visitors after we started the campaign
The cost per clicks was 17% lower than expected
The expected number of visitors was 22% higher than we anticipated
15x more
17% lower
cost per click
22% increase
in traffic


The campaign was a great succes. Below the feedback from our client:
The cooperation with Mad Pack was as very pleasant experience for EYE. Mad Pack is able to communicate complex material in a clear, understandable way. We got good advice which contributed to a successful online campaign for The European Day of the Short Film.
- Maureen Mens, Marketing Manager EYE Filmmuseum
For the Day of the Short Film we used the following service: