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The design department: We have been working for the KNVB for a number of years now on design assignments but we want to point out a specific item.

The question

They had a request for a standard format for a competition poster that they could edit themselves without having to design the whole thing every time.

The solution

We used the existing elements of the house style to create a poster which was clear and well-organised and fits perfectly within the corporate design. We then used a special inDesign functionality which makes certain components of the PDF editable without losing the overall layout. Now the KNVB can use a editable poster that is completely in style with their corporate design.

Facts and figures

100% client satisfaction.
client satisfaction


Due to our design support KNVB knows that they can count on us to deliver design material quickly.
Mad Pack makes very beautiful things. They are very modern in their approach. A quick sketch via Whatsapp, active involvement and hitting every deadline!
- Willem Bos, Productmanager KNVB
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