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Website optimisation clients:

website optimisation

conversie optimalisatie

Website Optimisation

Website optimisation

What is website optimisation?

When a website doesn't perform as it should it is time for action. We already helped a lot of clients with conversion optimisation and Search Engine SEO.
website optimisation

What is your company getting out of it?

The purpose of website optimisation is clear: to attract more visitors with a higher return rate. 
The benefits of your company are:
Clear explanation of the results and where they come from
Continuous support
More visitors
Higher rate of return on your visitors
Better SEO
Multivariate testing
24/7 service

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How do we do this?

You will work with your own Madpack during the whole project. This team will consist of an online marketeer and a designer. They will monitor and optimise your website 24/7. When there is a need to change the visuals of the website, from a marketing point of view, the designer can get to work immediately. The combination of marketing and design is most effective that way.

Time indication  

When can we start: Next week.
How long does the process take: Depends on the number of sprints you choose, 1 sprint runs for 1 month.


From brochure to marketing website

“Mad Pack works fast and transparent. they optimised our entire new website, making changes to the interaction design and improved the conversion rate. ”

Marlies Bonnike,
Founder Editio
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Website optimisation clients:

website optimisation